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Marble Restoration East Danforth Ontario, We are marble experts. We understand and appreciate its beauty and individuality. Our passion for what we do and our commitment to customer service set East Danforth Stone Restoration apart. When it comes to your Marble and Limestone, we offer cleaning, honing, refinishing, sealing, polishing, stain removal, etch removal and repair. We can restore your marble and limestone floors, showers, walls, fireplaces and more to like new, then we’ll show you how to keep them looking that way.


The metamorphic stone that captures the essence of natural colours and beauty. It is the material of choice for various surfaces at home, from lavish countertops to ornate table tops to proper flooring. While its appeal is indeed irresistible, it has its share of downsides as well. Being soft in nature as compared to other stones like quartz and granite, it is prone to scratches or stains from all kinds of sources and contact. The resultant look will be dull and battered, missing its original shine which captivates people in the first place. Now is the time to service and restore your marble into its prime.

Fix What’s Broken


If your marble is damaged beyond repair, there’s no option left but to replace it. A marble tile is the easiest to replace, otherwise a complete resurfacing is called for. Minor cracks, on the other hand, can be easily patched using a compound made especially for marble repair and smoothened out using an oscillating tool.

Clean Your Marbles


The first step in the restoration process is cleaning the marble surface. Although this sounds like a trivial task, a single misstep can spell doom to you beloved marble table top or floor. For example, the use of vinegar, a common household cleaning agent, can cause marble to turn to sand. This is because the acid in vinegar does not agree with marble, which is essentially limestone. The correct method is to use mild detergent or diluted ammonia to wash off dirt. Remember to rinse with warm water and dry it off with a soft cloth.

Hone And Polish


To hone is to use an industrial diamond pad to sand the marble surface. This serves to remove deep scratches and stains with the end result of a uniform surface. You can leave it as it is, but most of the time polishing is required. This step involves grinding marble with a low-speed polisher. Different grades of polishing pads are employed in a progressively finer manner, i.e. use a coarse (100-grit) pad first, followed by a finer (300-grit) and even finer (600-grit) pad. As you polish, you will bring out the lustre and shine hidden in your marble.

Last But Not The Least


Crystallisation is the cherry on top which will make the marble extra shiny and attractive. It is basically a chemical reaction which creates a protective film coating the marble surface. This has the added benefit of prolonging the lifespan and preserving the natural colour of the marble. Finish off the restoration process by applying a marble sealant which further improves durability and resistance.

Restoration Is For Us


At TCROWN Marble Restoration East Danforth, we know marble and its characteristics, its likes and dislikes. Our team of professional technicians are committed to educate you on proper care and maintenance of your marble floor and table. We not only perform these restoration services, we also have an eclectic range of products which you can choose from. So why wait? Call us now to make a reservation.

Marble Restoration East Danforth, Let Us Restore Your Dull, Etched or Damaged Marble

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There is a misconception that since marble is a stone, it does not require any maintenance. This is, unfortunately, not true. All marble needs some type of care and maintenance. Where it is installed—on floors, walls, countertops, vanities, or shower walls—will dictate the type of maintenance required. Marble is generally a soft stone and comes in many colors with different and beautiful veining. Some marbles are harder than others. The truth is that marble will scratch, etch, and lose its shine and luster if not maintained properly.


hidden marble floor restored greenfield maIf you have a marble floor, wall, countertop, vanity, or shower that has lost its shine and beauty, then it is probably time to call a professional marble restoration contractor. East Danforth Stone Restoration can bring your stone back to its original condition.


Even with a matte, or honed finish, marble and limestone require proper care and maintenance. A matte finish will need to be periodically cleaned and re-sealed by a professional. At East Danforth Stone Restoration, we not only perform these services, we can instruct you on the proper products you should use to clean your marble going forward—so as not to damage the surfaces.

Tile & Grout Cleaning East Danforth

At East Danforth Stone Restoration, we have a professional process for cleaning your natural stone, ceramic and porcelain tile & grout floors, shower walls, and other surfaces.

Dirty Tile and Grout? Natural stone, ceramic tile, porcelain tile, and other man-made tile often need to to be cleaned and maintained professionally. Especially in commercial settings, tile that has a textured finish has a tendency to collect dirt that builds up over time despite routine cleanings. At East Danforth Stone Restoration, we have a professional process for cleaning your ceramic and porcelain tile floors, shower walls, and other surfaces. We also carry a full line of cleaning products specifically designed to help you maintain your tile to keep it looking like new!

Grout Cleaning, Sealing, and Color Sealing


East Danforth Stone Restoration uses professional strength cleaners as well as high-pressure water jets to clean away the dirt and soil from grout lines. When tile surfaces get dirty, it is often the grout lines that are most noticeable. East Danforth Stone Restoration provides professional services designed to deep clean grout lines and keep them from getting dirty again. However, it is important to know if your grout is “sanded” or “non-sanded.” Most tile is grouted using sanded grout. Sanded grout is very porous; when dirty water builds up in sanded grout lines, the water dries leaving behind dirty grout. If the tile was not sealed initially, or over time the sealant wears off, you will have dirty grout.


East Danforth Marble Restoration uses professional strength cleaners as well as high-pressure water jets to clean away the dirt and soil from grout lines. Afterwards, a clear sealant is applied to act as a barrier to dirt and bacteria going forward.

Color Sealing


Sometimes even with the most aggressive cleaning methods, one cannot totally clean up some stains. East Danforth Stone Restoration has a process that can clean and ColorSeal your grout back to its original color or even a new color if you prefer! The ColorSeal product we use is the best available. It has constant acting mildecides and other properties making it so much more than a mere cover-up.

Our Commitment to You


East Danforth Stone Restoration will provide you with outstanding customer service, quality craftsmanship and knowledge that only trained professional can provide. We recognize the investment that you have made In your home and will work with you to ensure that it will maintain its natural beauty over time.


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