Marble Restoration Mississauga – Marble Restoration Requires Special Handling

Marble Restoration Mississauga
Marble Restoration Requires Special Handling


If you have invested in a marble countertop, floors, columns, or other surfaces for your home, you want to make sure they always look their best.Marble Restoration Mississauga Marble Restoration Requires Special Handling

But cleaning and maintaining marble is different than more common household surfaces. Ordinary cleaning products and conventional polishing methods not only won’t work, but may actually harm your marble surfaces.

Maintaining your marble requires special techniques and tools, such as those provided by Love Marble.

Marble Restoration Mississauga – Marble Facts

Most household countertops are made from a variety of common materials, such as wood, plastic, or laminates that can easily be cared for with the kind of household cleaning chemicals you can find at your local Wal-Mart or Target.

But marble is a form of limestone that can contain other minerals such as calcite, dolomite crystals, and aragonite. It usually costs more than traditional home countertop and floor surfaces, but also provides a more elegant, upscale look and feel.

Marble Restoration Mississauga — Chemical Reactions

Many types of marble will react negatively when they come into contact with common household cleaners that contain any type of acid.

Due to marble’s hardness scale, it is also highly susceptible to scratching. And the crystalline structure of marble also makes it much more likely to damage or break compared to many other surfaces, especially if weakened by household cleansers.

Marble also is porous and can easily stain.

But marble that is properly maintained offers a lustrous, shiny look that is incomparable to other materials. Handling the marble surfaces in your home with care – or leaving its care and maintenance to the professionals at TCROWN — can sustain this luxurious look for years, or even decades, to come.

Taking care of marble may be more troublesome than common household surfaces, but the glamorous benefits marble provides makes it more than worth the bother.

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