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At TCrown we provide specialized Toronto Tile and grout cleaners that will restore surfaces to its original pristine state in less than a day. We perform an impeccable cleaning, maintenance, and restoration service, and are committed to instructing customers on the proper care they should use for keeping surfaces preserved and spotless.

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You must make sure the bathroom is always clean, including the grout and tiles, if you are going to enjoy the time you spend there. The spaces that are filled up between each tile are referred to as grouts. To ensure your tiled countertops and bathroom floors look amazing, grout cleaning must be done frequently. Hard dirt is accumulated and it cannot be removed by regular mopping. Other home owners prefer scrubbing grouts and tiles using cleaning solutions available at the nearest store or at home. If you are such a kind of home owner, the following are some tips that can help you in your endeavor.

Grout Cleaning Services – Cleaning solutions required for cleaning grouts

In a container, mix a half cup of mild cleaning detergent and two gallons of water. In order to ensure the solution is effective, you should try cleaning a small section of the grout or tiles with it. Before scrubbing this section with a brush, let the solution sit for a while. Follow by cleaning the section with water and then dry it by wiping with a dry cloth. If you think the region will need more solution, add the amount you feel will be enough.

Floor grouts are easier to clean than bathroom grouts. You can put the solution in a spray bottle if you want to make the application even more convenient. This move will give you the chance of spraying the solution directly in the tiles’ grouts. You can follow the above outlined procedure after applying the solution. For the brush, you need to get one that is according to the size of the grouts and tiles. Some have to be cleaned by small brushes while others can be best cleaned with a sponge or even bigger brushes. Just ensure you avoid using brushes that have hard bristles.



Cleaning stains on grout Toronto

It is usually very hard to remove stains on grout. The usual cleaning and mopping process will not be enough for these. There are products that have been manufactured specifically for the cleaning of grouts and tiles. All you have to do is make sure you follow instructions that go with the product. Some people prefer removing grout stains using DIY solutions. The most effective solutions so far are those containing is opropyl or white vinegar. Usually both solutions are used to scrub the floor after they have been mixed together. The cleaning process is quite simple as all you have to do is scrub the area using a damp clean cloth only after you have put the solution in the area.

Grouts bleaching

If the surrounding tiles are a bit lighter than the grouts, you may be required to bleach the area. Bleaching will basically get rid of stains while bringing back the grouts’ natural color. Be very careful during this process as accidentally applying solution on the tiles’ edges will give unfavorable results. Look for a professional company that offers grout cleaning and you will never go wrong.


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